The Bitcoin for Boomers Show — Thursday, October 29th -2020

Bitcoin: A Global Manifest Destiny

Mykel Ferrantino


Image Credit: Gerd Altmann

Podcast Transcript of Never Too Late To The Game’s Bitcoin For Boomers Show, October 29, 2020. New episodes every Thursday.

I personally watch, listen to and read a variety of other Cryptocurrency podcasts and blogs. This is in addition to mainstream and secondary news sources. I do my best to take into consideration all opinions, pro and con, when it comes to cryptocurrency. Understanding the criticisms is essential to making the best possible decisions and delivering the best possible show each week to listeners.

I have to admit, the cons are fewer and farther between these days because they are simply becoming more difficult to argue as Bitcoin has been around now for well over a decade and it has weathered any number of financial criticisms and regulatory challenges.

Many of my fellow podcasters and bloggers, some wildly popular, include strong political opinions and theories in their shows. For example, this past week a popular Vlogger predicted that Bitcoin will soar if Biden is elected because he is part of “the deep-state” and he will tank the economy, thereby making Bitcoin an attractive alternative tantamount to gold because fiat currency will tank. Conversely others said that if Trump is re-elected, Bitcoin will continue to just plod along, ping-ponging between $10,000 and $14,000.

Sorry, but I can’t buy into any of the above opinions. We don’t know what is going to happen.

As for the politics, we will find out soon enough who wins the presidency — and what the results are in terms of the winners effect on the price of bitcoin and the other alt-coins. One thing is certain, bitcoin is currently on its 3rd president and whomever is our next president, will inherit a financial challenge the likes of which has not been seen since the great depression or maybe worse.

I was recently asked if Bitcoin was designed to be apolicial. For many involved in the early days, Bitcoin was forged in the fire of libertarianism. Regardless of its beginnings, Bitcoin and the philosophy behind it can be likened to a Global Manifest Destiny, where intelligent individualism operates within any brand of capitalism to foster…



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